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The Prop Stylist is the first known New York-based agency solely consisting of prop stylists. We're a select group of talents varying in specialized skills, artistic sensibilities, and creative approaches. Collectively, we've worked all over the world, on sets, with budgets, and through shoots of all sizes. With such a diverse set of backgrounds to offer, undoubtedly, The Prop Stylist has your styling needs met before you've even realized it for yourself. The Prop Stylist is more than just a reliable resource, but more importantly, our agency represents an industry standard that constantly aims to exceed itself. We take the guesswork out of knowing who to rely on, by keeping the process as easy as possible: Contact us with your  project and we will pair you with the stylist who is perfect for your job.

Looking forward to realizing your vision!

-The Prop Stylist Team

Alix Winsby

Alix holds a BFA in photography from MassArt in Boston, and an MFA in combined media from Hunter College in New York. Her work is often atmospheric, focused on air and light, and lens refraction. Alix’s multi-media skills also involve making sculptural installations and videos that often reference the camera or early cinematic devices.

Alix's favorite aspect of prop styling is creating a composition, like a puzzle, working with all the different pieces to create an image that has beautiful visual movement in it. She is inspired by how she can style image to invoke a distinctive time and place, applying layers, and keenly focused on the texture of objects and their interaction with light. Alix references her own upbringing, being born in Washington DC and growing up in Massachusetts,  giving her work a “whimsical austerity.”

Andi Burnett

Andi’s styling expertise comes from a background in model-making. Originally from southern Germany, Andi revels in the tedium and tactile nature of her handiwork. The range and quality of her unique craftsmanship eventually attracted the attention of renowned Italian Pritzker Prize-winning architect, Renzo Piano, and she was asked to manage his architectural model shop in Paris.

Andi has since moved to New York, working on exhibition design and window displays, applying her resourcefulness and passion for material construction, unconventional repurposing, and technical prop styling as creatively as ever.

AlexANDRA Niki

Alex got her start nearly a decade ago as an editorial stylist for several multi-national publications, including Glamour and Self Magazine, before quickly moving into advertising work with award-winning, internationally famed commercial photographer Vincent Dixon among others.

Alex has since established an extensive portfolio based on still life and advertising work as her specialties. With an exceptional eye for detail, Alex is most inspired by the process of problem solving and working methodically in accomplishing what seems impossible. References invariably cite Alex’s adept resourcefulness and a do-whatever-it-takes work ethic, with global brands such as Absolut, Evian, and PlayStation to her name, in addition to styling for photography talents Adrian Mueller, Peter Lippman, Shinichi Maruyama, and Ed James.

Ashley Naum

At a young age, Ashley would find herself endlessly involved in creative activities. From creating playful pieces in her Girl Scout group, to making artistic accessories from anything she could find during summer camp. Little did Ashley know that these hobbies she once loved as a child would help her learn the skills she would use toward her profession in the years to come.

Ashley’s path to prop styling started after graduating from FIDM, where she realized she had a passion for creating beautiful compositions. Her simple and elegant styling aesthetic is defined by an acute attention to detail that is aptly suited for her specialties in interiors, still life, and tabletop. Her approach is marked by an ability to create entire environments, rather than just elements of a scene.

Brice Gaillard

For the past twelve years, Brice Gaillard has been working as a prop stylist in New York city. Originally from Jacksonville, Florida, Brice credits her southern roots for the comfortable aesthetic of her style and growing up in her creative household for an appreciation and love of art and design. Brice’s professional prop styling started twelve years ago, working as a junior editor styling and writing stories for interior design and architecture magazineHomestyle six months before it eventually folded. Brice realized that her favorite part of what she did was prop styling.

Brice quickly progressed from assisting on photography shoots to doing them herself, freelancing for  House Beautiful magazine, among other publications, by pitching stories to write and for which she’d style the articles’ accompanying photography. Brice explains how vastly different the industry is now compared to the early days of her career. “I’d fly out to the location with the photographer and had carte blanche. Now, magazines are very specific about what they want, and often even have a shot list prepared with a list of what to include.” Nonetheless, Brice takes great pride in the responsibility and creative license she bears in every job she does. “I consider what I do art; I am creating a picture.” Brice emphasizes how collaborative the process is between stylist and photographer to make the picture, especially since there’s no “cover bonus” equivalent for prop stylists.


Candice started her styling career in 2011 by building her on figure styling book in NYC.  While in NYC, she was able to collaborate on look books and viral media.  In 2014 she left NYC for Kentucky as she began focusing on her product styling by working as an in house e-commerce/table top stylist for Amazon for 2 years.  While at Amazon, Candice was able to further build upon her product styling by collaborating with local photographers on creative product shots.  Her passion for detail and innate nature of is expressed through her personal and creative images.  Every aspect of a detail is what brings an image and aesthetic to life.

In 2016, Candice moved to PA to work as an in house marketing and advertising Stylist with Dick’s Sporting Goods.  She was able to further develop her product styling by working with stop motion, lay down sets, and  Soft Goods for emails, social media, and advertising materials.  She currently works independently and enjoys traveling as to be constantly inspired in her surroundings. 


Sonia Niki has been in the photo production industry for over 20 years. Her experience in styling spans from editorial, catalog, advertising, to window displays and interior design. Her versatile skills allow for great flexibility and creativity on set. Sonia works with a variety of talented professionals that help get the job done, no matter how big or small. Whether the set requires sculptures, a jungle, or just some beautiful draped fabric, the resources are at her fingertips.

Daniele Frazier

Daniele Frazier is an artist living and working in Brooklyn, New York. Originally from Mill Valley, California, she graduated from the Cooper Union School of Art in 2007, where she received the Jacques and Natasha Gelman Trust Award.

Daniele's work has been shown at Guild & Greyshkul, Museum 52, Rivington Arms, Ritter Zamet, Socrates Sculpture Park, and Gavin Brown’s Passerby, among others. She works primarily in sculpture and drawing, but has performed at the Brooklyn Academy of Music and often cameos in other artists’ performances and videos.

Erika Kessel

Erika Kessel is passionate about story telling through images. She began her career in prop styling as a photographer's assistant after studying English and Media Studies in college, and Documentary Film and Photography at NYU during the summers. She transitioned into working on sets as a Production Designer once she realized she had a natural talent for dressing a set and telling a story, and preferred to be on set in front of the camera instead of behind the camera. This quickly transitioned into a more natural position as a Prop Stylist. 

Erika later earned her M.A. in design from Pratt Institute. Erika pulls from her experience in photography, design and film as a Prop Stylist and always works closely with the rest of the department heads to create visual storytelling that not only reflects her personal aesthetic but allows for the client to see their ideas come to life. 

Karen Sherwood

Karen is a highly experienced wardrobe and prop stylist and brings enthusiasm and knowledge to each job. With a background in fine art she lends a keen eye to each production. She is able to understand, interpret and implement the creative vision while respecting client concerns, budget and schedule. She has extensive resources for wardrobe and props and always provides a wide variety of options on a shoot. Her years working in fashion taught her how to dress people, but she is particularly good at styling “real people” figure types. 

Learning about so many subjects is her favorite thing about styling. One single shoot day took her from an African dance class, to a soup kitchen to kayaking…wardrobe and props for all! She can take an empty hospital ward and prop it into life, then populate it with medical staff and patients. She creates scenes that are not only visually attractive, but accurate for the discerning audience the ads are addressing. 

And all with good cheer!

Regular clients have include major pharmaceutical ad agencies, AT&T, Anheiser Busch, Coca Cola, NY Presbyterian Hospital, The Limited, Bloomingdales, The Girl Scouts, American Cancer Society

Katherine Hammond

Katherine Hammond’s work spans the areas of photography, interior design and visual communication. Her clients include photographers, interior designers, architects, ad agencies, corporate and residential clients.

Katherine is recognized for her well honed ability to understand her clients and create something that is reflective, functional and uncompromisingly beautiful.


Craig Waltcher is based in Los Angeles, where he has been working as a Set Designer/Art Director/Prop Stylist since 1996.  An English major at Bowdoin College, Craig interned at Rolling Stone, worked on a documentary on then aspiring Congressman, Barney Frank, DJ'd at a hotel nightclub in Boston and pursued various freelance writing assignments.  

Moving westward in 1986, Craig arrived in LA as an aspiring songwriter.  But, as these things go, various twists and turns in the proverbial road led him to the world of independent film production where, after an initial boot camp-like Art Department indoctrination via Roger Corman's Concorde-New Horizons Films, he willfully traversed to still photography.  

Not only were the hours more decent and the food less fast, but Craig was quite fortunate to earn his stripes with Vanity Fair, shooting celebrity portraiture and cover projects for the likes of Annie Leibovitz and Michel Comte.  And from Annie's early MILK campaigns, print advertising work followed, as did television promotion, film posters and CD art where, collaborating frequently with such photographers as Greg Gorman and Matthew Rolston, Craig further cultivated a more minimalistic dimensional sensibility toward styling a frame.  And there are still songs to write.


Melissa Colgan got her start as a stylist working in-house for more than a decade at several publications, including ELLE DECOR, Veranda, House Beautiful and Martha Stewart Weddings and Living magazines. In the editorial world, Melissa created an an extensive portfolio of still life, interiors, and jewelry styling and has become sought after for her steady hand, precise eye, and collaborative nature. As a visual storyteller, she is known for her ability to weave references far and wide to create impactful imagery and describes herself as "obsessively attentive to detail, hopelessly romantic about the stories of objects, and harboring a deep appreciation for thoughtful and original design.”